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The largest variety of glass pipes, hookahs, and accessories available

We are proud to offer the nation’s widest variety of hand blown hand pipes and water pipes, bowls, ash catchers, grinders, scales, lighters, torches, stash cans and other smoke shop accessories, all sold at the nation’s lowest cost.

We carry HempVine™, the 21st century solution to the traditional lighter. 100% organic hemp dipped in refined beeswax, butane lighters with magnetic flame extinguishers and removable flints for packing, and hemp spools that fit over your glass pieces. HempVine™ is modern, magnetic, and sustainable.

We also offer a wide variety of vape mods and E-liquid, hookah and hookah accessories, wood pipes, and more. Check out our catalog and see what’s new!

Hookahs and Hookah Accessories

We offer the largest variety of hookah and hookah accessories available

Titanium Nails

High quality titanium nails at the lowest prices

Glass on Glass Waterpipes

High quality glass on glass water pipes available in a wide range of styles and colors

Water Pipes

Our inventory is full of colorful and unique water pipes to choose from


We carry the largest selection of bowls available in assorted styles, colors, and sizes

Ash Catchers

Ash catchers in a variety of styles, sizes and colors are always in stock


We proudly offer a large selection of beautiful hand blown bubblers in a wide range of styles and sizes


We offer the best grinders available on the market in a variety of sizes and styles

Hand Pipes

Our selection of hand blown glass pipes provides all the sizes, styles, and colors available in today’s market

Lighters & Torches

We carry the leading national brands of lighters and torches, all at the Nation’s lowest price


Dozens of styles, sizes and colors to choose from


We proudly carry HempVine™ products. American made, modern, magnetic and sustainable